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Israeli Messianic Worship Leader, Recording Artist & Songwriter

Keren Silver is an Israeli Messianic worship leader, recording artist and songwriter with a deep passion for worship and leading others into God's presence. From a young age she has been composing worship songs and leading worship throughout the land of Israel and in dozens of nations around the globe, including the U.S.A., Canada, Europe., Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Her songs have been recorded on numerous albums and are sung all over the world in dozens of different languages.

The King of Glory album includes 12 new songs in Hebrew, English and even some French, and features amazing musicians and instruments from Israel. Its theme declares the truth that God is the King of Glory! He is worthy to receive praise no matter what we are facing in our lives. He is THE KING, worthy to receive all honor!

Melech HaKavod comes after Keren independently recorded and released her first worship album in 2014, with 12 of her own original songs in Hebrew, including world renown singles Elohei Yishi (God of My Salvation) and Kadosh Ata (Holy Are You).

Keren Silver, King of Glory - Messianic Worship Music



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